Community health centre

A Checkpoint is a health centre for gay and other men who have sex with men (MSM). The Checkpoints Vaud and Zürich also counsel transgender people and their partners.

Legal support

It is more and more apparent that HIV people are still being confronted with discrimination of all types. Whether through derogatory remarks at work, mobbing, job dismissal or the spreading of rumours about their health.

Trudging through legal paragraphs on one’s own usually leads to confusion. in order to protect oneself better, there is the possibility of contacting the legal counselling office of the Aids-Hilfe Schweiz.

More information

One can order or download brochures here, from the Aids-Hilfe Schweiz on data protection:

Data protection

A legal advisor on HIV

Work and HIV

HIV and travel

What does one have to take into consideration, if one is HIV positive? What are the recommended vaccinations? Which ones are not recommended? Can one travel to every country?


«Travelling with HIV“.