Community health centre

A Checkpoint is a health centre for gay and other men who have sex with men (MSM). The Checkpoints Vaud and Zürich also counsel transgender people and their partners.


Checkpoint Zürich and Vaud offer counselling, specifically for transgender people (that means people who cannot identify with the gender they were born with) and their relatives.

You can talk directly here to a transgender person, who will advise you for free, confidentially and, if you wish, anonymously.

All topics can be discussed, for example:

  • Self discovery, identity
  • Coming out and communication with the environment (family, friends, work)
  • Legal (e.g. name change, change of registered gender)
  • Medical (e.g. effects of hormones, surgery, procedures)
  • Health insurance
  • Partnership and sexuality
  • Family and children
  • Practical help (e.g. wigs, chest binders)
  • Everyday life (e.g. being wrongly addressed, at the swimming pool without surgery)
  • Violence, transphobia

Advice for other departments and colleagues in the health, psychological, social or public authority sectors on the following subjects:

  • Fundamental information about transgender people and transgender.
  • What are the special needs of transgender people seeking counselling, support and help from you?
  • What is the correct way to associate with transgender people?
  • What can you contribute, so that transgender people feel welcome in your facility?
Counselling for transgender people Checkpoint Zürich

Hannes Rudolph

The walk-in centre and counselling department is open every second Thursday of the month from 18.00 p.m to 21.00 p.m. Further appointments csn be made by prior arrangement.





Counselling for transgender people Checkpoint Vaud

The walk-in centre and counselling department is open every Wednesday from 16.00 p.m to 18.00 p.m. Furher appointments can be made by prioir arrangement.

Yannick Forney

+4121 631 01 77