Community health centre

A Checkpoint is a health centre for gay and other men who have sex with men (MSM). The Checkpoints Vaud and Zürich also counsel transgender people and their partners.


As a transgender man you can be gay, as a transgender woman lesbian; there are bisexual transgender people and of course heterosexuals. Many don’t want to put a label on their sexuality; they sleep with people they’re turned on by; without any thought as to whether they are gay, heterosexual, bi-sexual or lesbian.

That things should happen during sex where all who are involved are happy with goes without saying. There is no reason to be ashamed if you don’t like doing a certain thing or can’t. On no account should you abstain from safer sex just because your partner forces you to. You decide what sort of sex you have !

Sexual Health

In the course of transition sexuality can change. Transgender men who take testosterone, probably have more sexual desire than before, transgender women on oestrogen and/or testo-blockers rather less. It can also occur that the speed and intensity of coming can change. Bodily changes, through hormones or surgery affect the sexual sensations and methods that turn one on.

After the transition some transgender people feel more drawn to other people than they did before. Everything is possible: For instance a transgender woman, who before the transition was solely into women, is suddenly drawn to both men and women. Or a transgender man, who before felt drawn to men and who afterwards is more drawn to women. More often than not sexual orientation remains the same..