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A Checkpoint is a health centre for gay and other men who have sex with men (MSM). The Checkpoints Vaud and Zürich also counsel transgender people and their partners.



You are very welcome as a transgender person at Checkpoint. With that, we mean all people who cannot identify with the gender they were born with. You can acquaint yourself with transmittable diseases (STI), be advised on risk situations and take advantage of the medical range on offer at a transgender friendly centre.

The specialist centres in Lausanne and Zürich offer, in addition, advice for transgender people on all subjects.

  • Am I transgender? How can I find out?
  • Where can I interexchange with other transgender people?
  • What can I do to assimilate my outward appearance with my inner feelings?
  • Where can I find medical and therapeutic help?
  • How do I out myself at my workplace, at school, in the family?

You are in exactly the right place at the specialist centres; with these and related questions! People who are transgender themselves, advise you, for free, confidentially and if you wish; anonymously.

These specialist teams also advise the relatives of transgender people, aswell as business colleagues, who have interraction with transgender people and give them tips in order to form a transgender friendly environment.

Counselling for transgender people Checkpoint Zürich

Hannes Rudolph

The walk-in centre and counselling department is open every second Thursday of the month from 18.00 p.m to 21.00 p.m. Further appointments csn be made by prior arrangement.





Counselling for transgender people Checkpoint Vaud

Appointments can be made by prioir arrangement.

Yannick Forney

+4121 631 01 77